"Law of Life | Wonders of Innate | Giant vs. Pygmy | Patient Literature" by B.J. Palmer - "LIVE" Good Quality MP3

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Live recording of B.J. Palmer DC, Ph. C.

"The same source from which All those great, grand, glorious things manifested by Christ, came from ABOVE - DOWN, INSIDE - OUT WITHIN Christ, THE SAME Source is resident in all of everybody." -B.J. Palmer

B.J., at the age of seventeen awoke to a realization of "that something" which he called INNATE. He spent a life in search of a greater understanding of Innate. 

In the search, B.J. traveled around the world, writing thirty some books and manuscripts yet to be published. 

He claimed to be the first person ever to scientifically demonstrate innate thought flashed with the use of the electroencephineuromentempograph, an instrument which he had developed for that purpose. 

  • Law of Life
  • Wonders of Innate - 3 stories
  • Giant vs. Pygmy
  • Patient Orientation

"All any man has to go is to GO UPSTAIRS IN HIS GARRET to find everything he spiritually wants and needs." - B.J. Palmer