Changing lives, changing the world Expanding your personal universe
Learn how to fully engage your mind, body and spirit in creating your destiny
Life was never meant to be a struggle.


Our Mission

Constantly helping others innately create excellence through awakening their inner power.


Our Purpose

To create an empowering future now by awakening the creative, unlimited power within, allowing the individual to transcend to a higher state of consciousness.


Do you...?

• hunger to experience more from life?

• feel that deep inside yourself that every dream, wish and desire is achievable?

• feel deep within yourself you are highly talented but you know something extra is required to be a WINNER?

• wonder what is "that extra something" to be a winner?

• know that your potential is unlimited? Your ability is abounded?

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About Us


River & Sunshine

MEET: River (Dr. Chuck Ribley) & Sunshine

The ideas, principles and processes taught at Inner Winners’ Seminars are the outgrowth of searching for the meaning of life. River has been a life time quest seeking the meaning of life.



Kathi & Jay Handt

MEET: Jay & Kathi Handt

Jay didn’t know how involved he would become with Inner Winners. In fact, he did not choose to go to his first Inner Winners.