River & Sunshine Ribley

MEET: River (Dr. Chuck Ribley) & Sunshine

The ideas, principles and processes taught at Inner Winners’ Seminars are the outgrowth of searching for the meaning of life. River has been ona life time quest seeking the meaning of life. Until the moment of his untimely death on June 22, 2023, River continued living an innately-driven life filled with lasting purpose.

At the early age of 14, River left home to live a monastic life seeking the Innate source that dwells within each and every person. This path took him to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. It was at this time learning about the chiropractic philosophy that he knew he came home.

Following graduation in 1960 as a doctor of chiropractic, he opened his chiropractic office. Combining the practice of chiropractic with teaching truth principles, which enabled him to work with the whole person in improving spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

In 1964 River married Sunshine whose mission was to” spread sunshine and and love wherever she went.”

Because of emotional pain often accompanies physical pain, he looked for ways to guide people out of the mental morass of misery, into a joyous, healthy and positive life style.

All his life, along with the practical lessons he learned from life, and being a student of spirit and emotion but even more important in working with his patients he learned lessons that money could not buy.

It is in these lessons that he presently conveys to those who come to him, in pain, depressed, discouraged. He helps them become aware of the magic power within that literally can transform their lives. In his counseling he shows them there is a way to happiness. He comforts the hopeless, showing them there is good in every situation…that happiness is not a destination but a journey.

Personally, as well as professionally, River is active in teaching, living, and sharing ideas taught through his lectures and seminars.

River is internationally recognized as a leader in his field. He has served as an officer in many professional organizations, has received dozens of awards and honors, and has been extremely active in recruiting students to the chiropractic profession. He served for ten years for the Michigan Chiropractic Licensing Board. He is co-founder of Life University which has the largest Chiropractic College in the world.

In their own personal lives, both River & Sunshine have overcome tragedies that to most people would seem over whelming. They learned that how we adapt and adjust to changing circumstances is the key to a happy life.

When their first daughter, Anne was involved in a serious accident at the age of two, the growth centers in her right leg were damaged. As she grew older, her right leg failed to match the growth of her left. It was decided, when she became a teenager, that for cosmetic purposes she would be better off if they amputated her right foot and provide her with a prosthetic foot and leg.

To help her work through the potentially damaging experience to her psyche, they inspired her and motivated her with positive affirmations and beliefs. She learned that even though her foot would be removed she would still be a whole person, that her foot was only an extension of her body. She was inundated with positive thoughts such as “I CAN… I WILL!.... I MUST!”  The family treated her the same as before. And because of that, she did not act any differently or inferior. Neither did she feel sorry for herself.

Today she is a healthy, active confidant woman prospering in her career. . She is a writer lectured and has created many seminars helping others find the magic within. Anne has worked with Inner Winners for many years, and she is back!  She can be found at www.anneribley.com

Just a few years after Anne’s accident, tragedy struck again. Their youngest son, who was 15 months old, drowned in the family pool. Again River and Sunshine were faced with another challenge to rise above, more growth, more lessons to learn. Today they have five children as adults all imbued with the ideas and values that they have practiced and lived by for many years.

River and Sunshine are in the people business…changing lives…helping people to unite the physical with the spiritual. Although River is no longer with us physically, his spirit lives on in those whose lives he touched and through the teachings at Inner Winners.  They learn, what seems to be, our greatest learning experience…in all adversity are the seeds for triumph. Like tempered steel, we become stronger because of these challenges and learn to rise above them.

Nothing worthwhile is achieved without patience, persistence, and effort. You can turn frustration and disappointment into the stepping stones to success. The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them.

Learn to live in the now. Yesterday is just a memory and tomorrow only a dream. The Inner Winners Seminar is an outgrowth of his passionate dedication to sharing his winning strategies with others.