Chiropractic Presentation MP3

Chiropractic Presentation MP3

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This Chiropractic Orientation will give you a simple and effective chiropractic explanation for your patients or the general public. This is a tremendous practice builder. 

You can use this program as an in-office Chiropractic Presentation or for talks outside of your office. 

It may be presented in the following ways:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Desktop Easel Flip Chart
  • Group Easel Flip Chart

It consists of 17 slides in two different forms, a PDS which is easily printed to your required size and a PowerPoint. 

This Chiropractic Presentation will give you the ability to have consistency with each of your chiropractic presentations. This will also enable you or anyone of your staff to be able to give "The Chiropractic Presentation". 

The Chiropractic Presentation is presented in an English and Spanish version.